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Blue Rose Design is on hiatus until further notice. I would like to thank those who used my design services, I enjoyed working with you.

Currently most of my time is being taken up with Corel® Painter™, both as an instructor at the Digital Art Academy, and as a Beta tester of the program.

In case you are unfamiliar with Corel® Painter™, here is a brief description of what the program is all about:

Corel® Painter™ (or Painter for short) is called a Natural Media Emulation software. What this means is that with Painter you can create digital art projects which appear as if they had been created with Real Life Media, such as oil paint, pastels, crayons, or watercolors to name just a few. The program contains over 700 different brush types, plus paper textures, gradients, colors sets and more, so no matter what you want to create, or how you want to create it, the tools you need can be found within the program.

Unfortunately, for a beginner, Painter can be very intimidating, and that's where I come in. My goal is to gently lead my students by the hand as they explore the wealth of Painter's possibilities. The classes focus on learning to get around in the workspace, using many of the tools and palettes, various customization features, and a general overview of the program. By the time my students have completed all of the lessons, they are ready to begin their lifelong journey through the wonderful world of Corel® Painter™.

Following is a list of the classes I am currently teaching:

Introduction to Painter12 Part 1

Introduction to Painter12 Part 2

Introduction to Painter12 Part 3

Introduction to Painter X3 Part 1

Introduction to Painter X3 Part 2

I'm thoroughly enjoying this venture and hope to continue teaching new users how to navigate around the Painter interface and take advantage of its versatility as long as possible. .

Join me, you'll be glad you did. For further information, please visit my Painter blog.