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About Me


(Assuming you really wanted to know)

It all began one day when I was eight years old...

An old upright piano had been delivered to the house so that my oldest brother could take lessons. Fascinated by this new object, I went over to investigate and pressed down on one of the keys, then another. The sound reminded me of something and I started pressing other keys. Eventually, through trial and error I managed to peck out the notes of a song I had heard on TV......and it's been a labor of love ever since.

Impressed by my obvious fascination, my parents started me on piano lessons, and by the time I was fourteen, the "performing bug" bit me. It was the middle 60's when Coffee Houses were popular and my Dad used to take me with him. They had a piano at the one we went to and I used to play some Beethoven pieces for the customers. I actually got applause and discovered to my great delight that girls were beginning to notice.

When I was sixteen, I began playing in a local band on weekends. We performed in a local restaurant and this continued through High School. After High School, I tried doing construction work for about a year and then decided to move to Nashville to get my "big break". Well, like many before me, it didn´t happen, and back I went to Maryland, but I continued to perform in bands for several years.


In 1977, shortly after marrying, I decided to start performing as a solo entertainer. During the next eleven years I was fortunate enough to perform in many of the excellent hotels and restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area. I also did additional piano studies with two notable teachers.

My first teacher, was Dr. Ascher Zlotnik, the former Dean of Music Theory at the Peabody Conservatory. Dr. Zlotnik gave me a wonderful gift for which I will always be grateful. He taught me how music actually works. His teaching enabled me take music wherever I wanted to take it.

My second teacher was John Eaton, who has been called "Washington's finest pianist" by George Shearing. I studied with John for about two years before moving to Florida. John taught me how to "caress" a piano and get the most out of my hands with the least amount of effort, in short, he gave me my technique.

In October of 1988, my wife and I packed up our possessions and headed South for Florida, where we continue to live. If you´re interested in seeing a list of some of the places I've performed since arriving in "The Sunshine State", please see my resumé.

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